Take Care to Plan Your
Health Care Decisions In Advance – “Just In Case”


At Morehouse Choice ACO-ES, it is important for you to provide your doctor and your Care Team with information about your health care choices at the end of life or if you become unable to speak for yourself. Referred to as “Advance Directives” or “Advance Care Planning”, you explain and document the type and extent of health care services you prefer if you become unable to make medical decisions on your own, which are then stored with your medical record so that the instructions are clear to your doctor and other Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Care Team members. Your doctor or other members of your PCMH Care Team can provide you with the forms to complete explaining your Advance Care Planning decisions. The forms may also identify another person who can make those decisions on your behalf (for example, you can name them as an agent or give them power of attorney over your health care decisions). Such medical care could include routine treatments, as well as, life-saving methods. Advance directives are sometimes also called living wills, giving you a say and peace of mind knowing your wishes and preferences for your health care will be handled as you prefer at all times.

Once submitted, you can access and review your Advance Care Planning forms at any time and you will be asked from time to time to update the information in the event you change your mind about some of the information in your Advance Care Plan. You can change the information in your Advance Care Plan anytime you like by notifying your doctor or other members of your Care Team.


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