Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

Medical Home (PCMH)

The Morehouse Choice ACO-ES’ Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is not a building or house, but a way to provide better coordination of your health care service that is focused on you, the Medicare patient. It’s called a “home” because we want you to think of us first for all of your health care needs. Like family, we know who you are and design your health care around what we agree will work for you; to treat the “whole person”. “Your PCMH” will promote improved health outcomes for you, especially if you’re living with a chronic medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Your personal physician will lead a Care Team who will work with you to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle and coordinate your care whether you are visiting your doctor’s office, taking a health education class, going for a test, or being discharged from a hospital. Helping you navigate the health system of services available to you in and out of your PCMH is one part of the service your Care Team can offer you.

As a Medicare beneficiary’s you always have the right to choose their health care practitioner and the PCMH is not a HMO, managed care plan or health insurer. Instead, it is merely a way to provide you with more health care services, as you need them when you come for a doctor’s visit.

The PCMH is part of a new health care service designed to help improve your care while lowering health care costs over time.


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